Hey there!

 I'm Christine and I'm glad you’re here 😉.  

The cliff notes about me:  I'm a wife, mom of three (picture with my youngest), former 5th grade teacher and founder of Ecnoy Straws.  

The bare bones of it, Ecnoy Straws was inspired by a 11 year old student and based on two life truths.   

To think, this journey all started with a science project on ecosystems. 🤷‍♀️.  I am so grateful to the student who chose to present her project on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the negative effects it has on countless ecosystems.  She opened my eyes to a problem that we all have had a hand in creating... and now we need everyone's help remedy. It truely goes to show that - you are never too young to teach, or too old to learn. :) 

Truth #1:  Humor makes everything easier.  It is a bridge, a way to connect, adapt and if necessary overcome.  Ecnoy straws are more than just straws... they are a source of joy, smiles and dare I say, laughter.  

Truth #2:  There is power in one, embrace it (#powerofone).  Here's the thing... You matter.  What you say, think and do... matters.  And YOU are powerful beyond measure.  It just takes one... one person believing in another, one word or act of kindness, one decision or choice to be better, to do better.  (One piece of mind boggling information to inspire a teacher to start a company 😉.) It just takes one... to create a lasting and meaningful impact. 

This experience coupled with these life truths led me to create this company. It’s my way of spreading the power of one, the hope and belief that each of us making one small change (such as using a reusable straw or eco-conscious materials in everyday products) has the potential to make a huge impact.